Swine Flu Vaccine: The Race Is On

Peacenik has been reading a couple of interesting articles lately. This one by Robert Rapier asks the question: What if I'm wrong? This got Peacenik thinking about lots of what ifs. What if Peacenik is wrong about financial and societal collapse? (7 more banks were closed in the U.S. yesterday). What if Peacenik is wrong about Peak Oil? (Rapier's article discusses this possibility). What if Peacenik is wrong about swine flu?

It seems that swine flu will get more serious in the fall. It is a huge problem in Argentina right now. It is winter in Argentina. 40 percent of hospital workers are refusing to go to work right now for fear of catching the flu. And there are discussions about mass innoculations in the U.S. They are racing to make a vaccine that works. They may not have time to test it. What if Peacenik is wrong? Peacenik will put away his medical masks, and hand sanitizers, and aspirin, and Peacenik will be ready for the next pandemic. No harm done. Are you ready for swine flu? What if you are wrong?

By Daniel J. DeNoon
WebMD Health News

June 26, 2009 -- The United States is racing to make huge supplies of swine flu vaccine -- and trying to figure out who needs it most -- even as the pandemic sweeps the globe.

At least one of the five vaccine makers supplying U.S. swine flu vaccine already has bulk vaccine coming off the production line. The others soon will follow.

Clinical tests will begin within days as researchers struggle to answer basic questions about whether the vaccine works, how big a dose is needed, whether protection will take one shot or two, and whether the vaccine seems safe.

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