Write for Punditman

Got something to say about the Big Picture in the world? We are interested in aspiring or seasoned freelance bloggers and writers who write about the major issues facing humanity and planet earth. We promote progressive change and raised consciousness but we do not try to cover everything and be all things to all people. Punditman focuses on the following topics or similar ones or sub-categories only:

  • war, peace/human security
  • big media control, manipulation, distraction and propaganda
  • military industrial complex
  • financial industrial complex
  • war on terror/civil liberties
  • environmental issues/climate change
  • economic injustice
  • credit crunch, recession and depression
  • government coverup
  • rising authoritarianism /fascism

...or your own creative ideas that fit under this umbrella.

  • You write well
  • You question established ideas.
  • You believe the pen is mightier than the sword.
  • You believe that collectively we have to get off our butts if we want to have a society and planet worth passing on to future generations.
  • You may have an established set of beliefs as long as you present your ideas intelligibly and intelligently.
  • You have a niche that you write about or you have one in mind.
  • You are not a wingnut of any kind.
  • You have a sense of humor or humour.
    In particular, punditman would like to hear from pundit women, pundit students, pundit profs, pundit seniors, pundit socialists, pundit workers, pundit owners, pundit atheists, pundit believers, pundit new agers,  pundit athletes, pundit slobs, pundit Type "A", pundit slackers, pundit minorities, or pundit majorities of any kind. In other words, identity is not important, but having a brain and a heart is!

    Email punditman to find out how to write and publish your original content on this blog. We will provide backlinks to your site/blog as part of your byline.

    Email: planetway [at] netscape.net 
    with the subject title: "Writing for punditman."